Delayed Gratification

Introductory Video:

Suggested activities:

Activity Description Time
Common thinking errors homework discussion Collect the Common Thinking Errors homework and ask students for their experiences, thoughts and difficulties with this homework assignment 5 min
Delayed gratification Video Show the delayed gratification introductory video 5 min
Video discussion Ask the students for their thoughts about the video and what they understood 5 min
Future Plans worksheet Give each student the Future Map worksheet and ask them to fill it in and keep it. 15 min
Goal ladder worksheet Give each student a copy of the goal ladder worksheet and ask them to write down one of their most important future goals at the top and fill in the steps stating what specific things they need to do in order to accomplish this goal. 15 min
Summary Summarize the main topics discussed in the session 5 min
Total time 50 min



Future map

– Goal ladder


Ask the students to write a paragraph about an experience they had over the week in which they consciously decided to avoid present gratification knowing this would ultimately benefit them in the future.

Other resources you may find useful:

Marshmallow experiment video


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