Identifying our feelings

Introductory Video:

Suggested activities:

Activity Description Time
Positive thinking homework discussion Ask students for their experiences, thoughts and difficulties with homework assignment 5 min
Identifying our feelings video Show the identifying our feelings introductory video 5 min
Video discussion Ask the students for their thoughts about the video and what they understood 5 min
Role playing Ask the students to divide themselves in groups of three and give each group a copy of the 3 identifying our feelings cases. One of the people in each group should pick one case and tell another in the group about the situation as if they were telling a friend.  The third person in the group should watch and later discuss what they think the first person was feeling.  After each case the students should change roles so that each plays person 1, person 2 and the observer. 30 min
Role playing discussion Discuss the role playing exercise with all of the class and ask for their thoughts and experiences 5 min
Total time 50 min


Identifying our feelings worksheet

– Feeling wheel


Give each student a feeling wheel. Ask the students to use the feeling identification worksheet to write about 5 situations over the week when they had a strong feeling

Other resources you may find useful:

– DBT Skills Training Manual by Marsha M. Linehan. Second edition, 2015.

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