What is Mindfulness?

Introductory Video:

Suggested activities:


Activity Description Time
Dealing with our feelings homework discussion Collect the dealing with our feelings homework and ask students for their experiences, thoughts and difficulties with this homework assignment 5 min
Mindfulness Video Show the mindfulness introductory video 10 min
Video discussion Ask the students for their thoughts about the video and what they understood 5 min
Color picking Ask the students to pick a color 5 min
Mindful breathing exercise Ask the students to close their eyes, concentrate on their color and pay attention to their breathing in and out for one minute.  Ask them to accept any thought that comes into their mind without judgement and to try to let it go, making an effort to concentrate on their color staying in the present moment. 5 min
Mindful breathing exercise discussion Discuss how this felt, any difficulties the students experienced and how they handled them 5 min
Mindful eating exercise Give, or ask the students to take out something small to eat and ask them to eat it slowly in class paying special attention and concentrating on how it looks, how it feels in their hands, how it smells, how it tastes and the sound it makes as they chew 10 min
Mindful eating discussion Ask the students how they felt with the mindful eating exercise and ask them to try this out when they’re eating. 5 min
Total time 50 min



Ask students to practice mindfulness in one part of their daily routing (brushing their teeth, showering, walking home) throughout the week by focusing on looking, listening and feeling, staying in the present, and write a paragraph about what they chose, how it made them feel and the challenges experienced (if any)

Other resources you may find useful:

– Mindfulness Skills Workbook for Clinicians and Clients: 111 Tools, Techniques, Activities and Worksheet by Debra Burdick.


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